Sunday, September 19, 2010

Devil ( 2010 )

Devil is a supernatural thriller with M. Night Shyamalan's signature touch. Directed by the Dowdle brothers. Showing this mid September.

Following the suicide of an office worker, five strangers with corrupt pasts are trapped in an elevator in a Philadelphia office tower. Tony,a former soldier, Vince, a scam artist, Elsa, a gold digger, Jane, a thief, and Ben, a temp security guard are all traveling to various offices via the express elevator when it is suspended between floors.

Following various repair attempts, the police arrive, having traced the suicide worker to the building. During a power failure, Vince is killed with a shard of glass in the neck. Shortly after, Jane is hung by a power cable in the elevator. Continued outside effots to reach the elevator fail and in the process the elevator tech and another worker are killed.

Ramirez, a devout Catholic and part narrator, constantly attempts to persuade the officers that the devil is present in the elevator in human form, and that he is influencing events.

After Ben is killed with a broken neck, Tony and Elsa, the two remaining occupants, nearly kill one another before Detective Bowden talks them down by telling them that they need to take responsibility for their actions.

During the next power failure, Elsa is killed. Jane then gets up, revealing that she is the devil, and tells Tony that now its his turn to die. Tony, via a walkie talkie confesses that he participated in a hit and run five years ago, unknowingly confessing to killing Det. Bowden's family. The devil leaves, disappointed that Tony, having confessed and repented, is not worthy of death.

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